poor is the man who's pleasure depend on the permission of another.

Rescue me.

26 August
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Im a mom, married, and an Anita blake fan. .. thats PRE Ardeur Anita.. not post slut bag Anita. I love to read, take care of my kids, and do MB stuff. Some of my best friends are on the internet. (is that pathetic?)
I have a 5 month old Rottie pup who is a freaking elephant, and drives me crazy, a husband who I love dearly, and who loves me, and we mutually drive eachother crazy.

I am on alot of medication for being bipolar, having PTSD, and slight disassociation. Its never really ever dull around here. My life is FILLED with drama and that fucking SUCKS.

oh, Im 25. the end.
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