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its almost tuesday

and Im starting to freak out. I am definatly starting to get nervous now. And I know I shouldnt, because I know that they are going to put me to sleep and that like, 1 second later (for me anyway)it will be over. So WHY am I freaking out?? This will be my 9th surgery in 10 years. But to me, this is the most major so far. The most major next to this are my c sections, but that was removing things that are SUPPOSED to come out LOL!

At least this time I will have help. Unlike all the other times, when I havent. (and I mean ALL the other times, including my c-sections, with the exception of the first, when I had help for the first 3 days when I got out of the hospital) Lola will be here Monday, and Marius and I are going to Denver first thing Monday morning to pick her up.. IM SO DAMN EXCITED!!! So I guess there IS a bright side to this whole hysterectomy thing... aside from living without pain for the rest of my life ;). The show of support I have had for this is amazing.. I am so blessed to have the friends that I have. I have NEVER in my life have friends like this before. Funny that I had to get on the internet, after reading books written by a woman who cant write a sex scene to save her life to find them LOL!! :P

Maybe I'll post again soon, I need to get back off my ass and into the kitchen to clean some more.. Im running out of time!!!
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