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okay not ALL are I know. But I had to go in for an ultrasound today to look for any masses in my uterus, on my ovaries, ect.. before my surgery next week. That way they have a general idea of anything ELSE that might need to be dealt with while they are in there.

So, I go in there at 11am, after having drank enough water to want to puke. Apperently it wasnt enough bc my bladder looked empty on the U/C, and so she couldnt see my uterus. She says "drink 3 more of these cups of water, and I'll come back". So I do. She checks again, still nothing. She tells me to drink more water and WATCHES me drink 2 of the huge cups bc she thinks I am dumping the water out instead of drinking. She leaves, tells me to drink 2 more . I do. She comes back, and checks again. she says "did you go pee??" it looked like my bladder was even more empty! NOT POSSIBLE!! So she is mad at me, tells me to go eat (since I hadnt all day) drink more water and come back. it's 12:15 by now. I come back at 1pm, drink more water. She said she can see some of my uterus, and my ovaries, we are making progress, drink water and lay on my side.. SHE'LL COME BACK.

So she comes back. Guess what?? She cant see much of my uterus!!!!!!! At this point I hurt so bad not only from the pain Iv been n for weeks already, amplified by her digging in my pelvis with the doppler.. BUT I have to pee so bad I could die. and if I have to drink another drop of water Im gonna puke.

She lets me pee and decides on a vaginal U/C (its almost 2 by this time).
it turns out that the reason she couldnt see my uterus is because it tips to the left. So instead of my bladder getting full and bringing it forward or up or something- easier to veiw.. it was moving it sideways even more - therefore hiding it.

so the more water she was pumping into me the worse she was making it. Thanks Doctor.

Soo, yeah, uterine surgery, AGAIN, March 3rd. Woo fucking hoo.

why dont they just take it out?? Im just going to ask him.
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