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Generally, as a rule, I dont drink. For three reasons:

1)my medications
2)I dont like the taste of alcohol
3)my mother is an alcoholic

Now, if I go to a club(which, anymore never happens) or a bar (see before) I will drink, and most likely get drunk IF I know that I dont have to go home to kids. That means I dont go to those places unless Im spending the night at my mothers house LOL! (that would be my once a year trip to the bar)

So last night we are at our friend's house (can you belive it?! I have a friend that isnt on on my computer screen!!)and her husband and Marius were all like: 

Them:do you want some wine?
me:no thank you *smile*
them:beer? wine cooler? c'mon..
me:NO thank you Im fine.
Marius: Duuude get her liqured up, maybe I'll get some
me: *eye roll* you wont NOW. (he did anyway >:D) 

they proceded to name off drinks and annoy me (Marius knowing full well I dont drink) until FINALLY I relented and decided on a "flaming Dr.Pepper" assuming they had everything there, not knowing they were desperate enough to get me to drink that they actually WENT OUT to the liquer stor to get everything LOL!  I only had one, It was okay, I was scared because fire scares me.. I have an intense fear of being burned. But, they shut up after I had one, and Marius still got laid so all was well. 

EVEN BETTER, Little Princess (hereby known as PJ) and Master J (hereby known as MJ) BOTH were invited to stay the night with their son X, so we let them, it was PJ's first time, and we totally expected to get "the call" in the middle of the night, but it never came! We had a WHOLE night to ourselves!! You know what that means??? 

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