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February 15, 2006 • 6:56 pm
subject: they did it!
mood: proud

My little ones got their ears pierced today! A long 10 years ago, I thought it was okay to get a baby's ears done. As a matter of fact, I went had and had my baby's ears pierced, and they still are. But later, as I was old enough to legaly choose to get my own (and sign for them) I thought about it and decided that it was not, IMO okay to do that. It was not okay for me to decide to poke holes in and permenantly alter someone else's body, without their permission. I now feel the same way about circumcision but I have other reasons for that though. That came about 6 years too late heh.

Anyway.. so when my last child was born, and it was a girl, I wanted *so* bad to have her ears peirced bc it would be SO FUCKING CUTE, but I could'nt do it without feeling guilt. So when she started being independent and making her preferances known, I started asking her everytime we went to the mall if she wanted her ears pierced. (casually of course) She ALWAYS said no. :(

THEN.. 2 weeks ago, my son expressed an interest in it. I was shocked and immediatly took him to get it done, but as soo as his ea was about to be marked, he changed his mind. I was a bit bummed but, oh well. So then today I was looking at a website for a store that does it (claire's) and it describes in detail what they do and how, and I was reading it to my son, then re-explaining it if needed. We got to a part that says "we never use needles" and both the kids were like "they don't?? let's go!" I told them that they use the thing and it just "puts the earing in". So we went. Neither cried, yelled,yipped, nothing! it was great, im so proud of them and they look so cute!!

It seems that Jenna's problem all alond was that she wanted to get it done, but she was scared it would hurt. Julian only got one done, bc he was scared it would hurt, but after we left he said we'll go again sometime and get the other done since he knows it wont hurt :)

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February 14, 2006 • 6:29 am
subject: VDAY and other mushy goodness
mood: warm and fuzzy. gross huh?!

It's VDAY folks!! get your asses out and support your local VDAY celebrations! (Im not talking valentine either, Im talking VAGINA) Go and visit for more info on that. VDAY is pretty special to me. Not only have I personally (as too many of us have) been a vicim of sexual abuse, but I also did my part in helping others who are victims as well. I was an actress in The Vagina Monologues for 2 years during VDAY international here in my city when the college put it on, then the following year, I acted in AND directed/producted the show. (I had a director, but she was drunk/stoned the entire time so I ended up doing it all) That was a very special 3 years for me, because I felt like I was doing something that meant something you know? VDAY is special to me. I was supposed to do it again last year, but said drunk director wanted to do it again as well, and I didnt think I could deal with the stress of having to do it ALL by myself again, so I didnt do it. SHE then took on the resposibility of the show HERSELF.. and guess what? the show never happend. She was too busy drinking.

I woke up when Marius was getting ready for work his morning. He set a card and some chocolate next to me. I pretended to be asleep, and when he went out to warm up the car I sat up and peeked and then closed my eyes again when he came back in. But I couldnt help but smile so I opened my eyes and he say we and waved at me, said he was sorry for being noisy. I told him he wasnt noise, I was already awake, and had peaked when he went ouside LOL! it was so cute! He bought me a potted orchid (my favorite) last week, so I really didnt expect anything today. ♥

I love him so much!

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February 13, 2006 • 4:45 pm
subject: You know it was a good night..
mood: its freezing in here!!

when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the day and notice that the panties you have been wearing all day are inside out!

Had sex with Marius last night, like, in the middle of the night, and had to get up in a mad rush this morning. (shcool for son, ballet for daughter)I figured I would shower when I got home. I got my jammies back on in the dark. I guess I put my panties on inside out and didnt even notice ALL DAY! LOL!

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