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old friends

Once upon a time..

eh.. okay never mind. So this weekend we went up to Gateway to pan for gold in the creek. That was alot of fun, we got pretty damn wet, and found alot of fools gold LOL! After that we continued on our way up the mountain and went to the lovely Uranium filled town of Naturita to have lunch. We were originally going to have lunch in Gateway, but when we got to the place, they kept giving us shitty looks, I asssume it was because we were still a bit wet and slightly dirty. Assholes. People are nicer in Naturita. They don't care if you are dirty. While we were there I asked about a friend that I had not seen or heard from in about 3 in a half years. She was probably the closest friend I have ever had, next to Marius. We had a falling out a few years back due to some silly restraints. I wont say what kind because that runs quite personal for us both. Anyway, I wasnt sure she would even WANT to see me, but I had to try, because I missed her so much it literally made me sick sometimes. I asked the waitress if she knew her, and as it turns out, she had just left there only a few minutes before that. Marius said she must have known we were coming. I wasnt going to accept that and I asked the waitress if she knew of any way to get ahold of her, and she said yes, and gave me the name of a place, where there was someone who would know where she is. (gotta love small country towns)

We finished our lunch and Marius took me to the place, and I saw the woman who would know, and she did. She called her and I got to talk to her. We met a few minutes later. At first, her hug was gentle, even though I wanted to squeeze the breath from her. That scared me. I thought that maybe this would definatly be the closing for us. We went to the park so the kids could play and we could talk. We were there for a few hours, and talked like we had only just talked yesterday. It had been as if the past few years never were. It felt so good to be there with her, sitting on the swings, just going back and forth, listening to her laugh, and talk. I was sad to hear of all that had gone on in the last few years.. sad I had not been there with her.. but I am to have her back now. When we hugged goodbye, she hugged me back just as tight as I hugged her. I knew that hug would not be the last.

She just called me a little while ago, and we talked for 2 hours straight. Just like old times.

will ETA pics later.
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