Rayne (rayne_sotd) wrote,

guess it's time

to update or something right? Because, you know it's been awhile. It isnt as if I have anything worth saying though. That's the reason I havent updated. I dont ever have anything to SAY. My life is BORING.

I'v started kick boxing twice a week, and it's alot of fun, but I dont know how much fun it will be now that it's been tainted by the instructors helper who is the husband of a new friend of mine, and I found out he is cheating on her. So it will be hard going to class because he will be there and I have nothing but contempt for him now. He is an arrogant SOB, and I HATE guys like that. Truely. I like to take guys like that and show them that they arent shit.Or, that they ARE shit actually, especially this one. THIS one I have a personal vendetta against because he was hitting on ME.

We got a new puppy the other day. He is SO DAMN CUTE, and so far is a good puppy. We only had him 2 days when our friend Daniel came and dropped off his rat dog Obie, who I can't stand. He is staying here until tomorrow night. So having a new puppy for the family to get used to, AND this other dog.. who does NOT like Lucien one bit - this SUCKS. and my cats hate us right now. The puppy isnt a big deal. He is great, but Obie is a pain in the ass bc he hates Lucien and so they fight constantly. Obie is an older dog.. and Lu is still a puppy! (only almost 8 months old) So Lu wants to PLAY.. but he is like 90x bigger then Obie. At least Loki wants to play back. *sigh*

Tomorrow is Mine and Marius' wedding anniversary! 6 years! Our being together one was the 23rd.. we have been together (like, living together) for 8 LONG years LOL!
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