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Jennaisms (on growing up)

Jumping on the band wagon.. since I have read a few other friend's kidisms.

Jenna: Im growing up!
me: Good! get a job and move out! (mommy is sick and in a bad mood today)
Jenna: I cant, Im not grown up YET *eye roll* .. I have to go potty for a long day first.
me: so, after you go potty alot, you'll be grown up?
Jenna: Yep! Then I'll have a wedding! *rushes off the the bathroom*

ten or so minutes later, I peek to see Jenna is indeed still on the potty...

me: whatcha doing?
Jenna: *staring at me like Im a moron* Im growing up
me: ... oh. you know, you DO look a bit taller!
Jenna: see? I told you.
Jenna: ...Mommy? will you help me wipe good?

In other news, im 5 weeks post op today. I have a Doctor appointment on Thursday, where he will then dig into my vagina.. AGAIN. (as if he hasnt done that enough) He'll tell me if it's safe to resume sex.. as if I havent already been doing that. But the last time we did, I actually let him go in all the way and it freaked us both out a little..

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I love kiddisms!
Awwwwww for Jenna.

Bad girl for the unapproved sex.